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Feb 3         Northeastern Arts Network - Malta, MT

Feb 4         Northeastern Arts Network - Glasgow, MT

Feb 5         Northeastern Arts Network - Frazer, MT

Feb 6         Mondak Cultural Center - Sidney, MT

Feb 7         Northeastern Arts Network - Sidney, MT

Feb 8         Mondak Historical Center - Sidney, MT
Feb 12       West Linn Library, West Linn, OR (Trio)
Mar 13       Guests in Antonio Rey Concert - Seattle, WA
Mar 14       Guests in Antonio Rey Concert - Portland, OR
Mar 20       Mission Valley Live, Polson & Ronan, MT
Apr 2          L&C College Mid East Studies Symposium - Portland, OR
Apr 4          Starring Artists Concert Series - Carlsbad, CA
May 13       Laguna Beack Live - Laguna Beach, CA
May 14       Portland Community College - Portland, OR

June 07      Connections Concert Series - Portland, OR
Aug 16       Edmonds City Park Concert - Edmonds, WA
Oct 4-6       Two Valleys Stage - Seeley Lake, MT
Oct 23           with Barrio Manouche - Berkeley, CA

artist information

Label:                        self released

Members:                 performances range from duo to quintet
Lyrics:                     sung in Arabic, French, Spanish, Persian and Portuguese
Genres:                     Moroccan, flamenco, Persian, jazz, world music

Based in:                  Portland, OR

Influences:               Paco de Lucia, Anouar Brahem, El Cigala, Buika, Habib Koite

Short description:   Soulful Moroccan vocals accompanied by oud and flamenco                                      guitar. Original music of the Mediterranean and Middle East.


Seffarine's international blend of sounds features soulful Moroccan singer Lamiae Naki and flamenco guitarist Nat Hulskamp. Their music embraces and extends Naki's rich heritage, which spans from Moorish Spain to the Sahara, by mixing Arabic Andalusi music with Hulskamp's dynamic flamenco guitar, the grooves of acclaimed bassist Damian Erskine and the exotic instrumentation of Persian master multi-instrumentalist Bobak Salehi. These diverse backgrounds meld into an intoxicating blend of ancient and modern that Bass Player Magazine describes as a “gorgeous intersection of Spanish flamenco, Arabic and Andalusian music, Persian classical, and jazz”.

In 2015, Seffarine was awarded a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council to travel to Spain to record their original music in collaboration with living legends of flamenco music, including Diego del Morao and Tomasa La Macanita. The record gained Seffarine international acclaim when it placed in top world music charts around the globe, including Afribuku's Top 13 African Releases and the Transglobal World Music Charts, a panel of 43 world music experts from 28 countries. In 2017, Seffarine was honored to be selected by the Western Arts Alliance (WAA) as one of three Launchpad Artists. Seffarine is based in Portland, OR and has been playing to enthusiastic audiences from the Western US to as far as Indonesia.


Seffarine takes its name from the ancient metalworking square in Lamiae's home city of Fes, Morocco. Her family is well known in the Seffarine as master metalworkers continuing the tradition today. The square dates back to the 9th century and is famous for the complex rhythms that can be heard from the blacksmiths' hammers.

Lamiae Naki (vocals) was born in the city of Fes, the historic cultural capital of Morocco. Fes’ medina or old walled city is the biggest in the Arab world and is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is the only functioning medieval city and also the home of the oldest continuously running university in the world. As a center for learning in the Arab world, one can hear in Fes classical Arabic music as well as every kind of traditional Moroccan music, Sufi music, Andalusian music, pop, jazz and hip hop. She was drawn to music from a young age and began singing, writing songs, and using every resource to find new music and influences from widely varying cultures. Lamiae studied Andalusian music and other forms of classical Arabic music in Fes, and has continued to creatively apply her expertise in Moroccan and Andalusi music to many other traditions. She has performed in concerts in the United States, Morocco, Canada, Indonesia and Turkey. Lamiae has also been featured on recordings such as “Hora de Soñar” by Martín Zarzar of the world renowned group Pink Martini and the soundtrack for the film by Alissa Cramer “No Plorar Mai” (USA/Spain/Angola). In 2012 She was awarded a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council to travel to Istanbul, Turkey to study classical Turkish singing with master singer Aylin Sengun Tasci. Lamiae now resides in Portland, USA

Nat Hulskamp (flamenco guitar/oud) was born in Portland, OR. He began studying guitar with guitarist/composer Paul Chasman at age seventeen. He was soon introduced to flamenco guitar by Jose Solano. His interest in the influence of Arabic music on flamenco led him to study oud in Morocco. After returning to the US, he moved to Seattle to study ethnomusicology at the University of Washington. There he worked with the groups Carmona Flamenco, The Rez Quartet and others ranging in style from Hungarian Csardas and Gypsy swing to flamenco. In 2004 he moved to Portland and formed the group Shabava with kamancheh/sehtar/violinist and singer Bobak Salehi. Nat has studied with the top flamenco guitarists of today including, Diego del Morao, Manuel Parrilla, Pepe del Morao, José Antonio Rodriguez and Dani de Morón. In 2012 Nat received a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council to travel to Jerez de la Frontera, Spain to continue studying flamenco guitar with the Morao family. He now resides in Portland, composing and performing with Shabava, Caminhos Cruzados and Seffarine

They are joined by: Persian master multi-instrumentalist Bobak Salehi (kamancheh/sehtar/violin/tar), world renowned bassist Damian Erskine, flamenco dancer Manuel Gutierrez, versatile drummer from Madagascar Manavihare Fiaindratovo and legendary flamenco percussionist Luís de Perikín, who was featured on Paco de Lucia’s final record and is one of the most sought after drummers in flamenco.


artistic statement

Seffarine's international sound is the result of all our members working creatively to come towards each other. In addition to our own traditional backgrounds, we have all studied each others' traditions as well. The final sound is a unified, fresh and expressive voice, full of color. We believe this is the future of music as the world gets smaller, and we believe in the power of communication through music to unify disparate cultures and overcome divisions of politics, resources and religion.

past performances include:

Broadway Performance Hall | Seattle, WA
Columbia City Theater | Seattle, WA

Western Washington University | Bellingham, WA
Sprague Theater | Bandon, OR
Ruang Putih | Bandung, Indonesia
The Straw Hut | Bali, Indonesia
Serendipity | Jakarta, Indonesia

Alberta Rose Theatre | Portland, OR

Oregon Shakespeare Fest | Ashland, OR
UNiversity of Puget Sound | Tacoma, WA

Holocene | Portland, OR
SXSW Representing Seruni Audio Microphones | Austin, TX

Royal Room | Seattle, WA

Secret Society | Portland, OR

Ashkenaz | Berkeley, CA
Walters Cultural Arts Center - Hillsboro, OR  
University of Oregon,  Eugene, OR
World Concert - Lake Tahoe, CA
El Camino College Center for the Arts - Torrance, CAWest Charleston/Clark County Libraries - Las Vegas, NV


recent press

"gorgeous intersection of Spanish flamenco, Arabic and Andalusian music, Persian classical, and jazz" -E. E. Bradman, Bass Player Magazine

Un placer para los oídos"

"A Treat for the Ears" -Javier Mantecón, Afribuku

"an ear-caressing blend of sounds from Spain and north Africa, spiced with a bit of fiery instrumentation and percussion." -Scott Stevens, SoundRoots

"this enchanting album deserves international attention."  -Brett Campbell, Oregon ArtsWatch

"a skilled blending of musical alloys" -Willamette Week

La Voz del Sur article (Spain)

recent recognition

2017 WAA Launchpad Artist

Recipients of RACC and OAC grants

Top 20 World Music Releases, Transglobal World Music Charts

Best 13 African CDs of 2015, Afribuku

Top 10 World Music Albums, SoundRoots

#10 on Global Village top 40, Global Village

for presenters


All of our members are educators as well. Please inquire about residencies, workshops and masterclasses offered in Arabic, Persian, jazz, flamenco music and dance. For more information and videos about our outreach programs, visit our Outreach Page.


Seffarine, Lamiae Naki and Nat Hulskamp
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