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"gorgeous intersection of Spanish flamenco, Arabic and Andalusian music, Persian classical, and jazz"              -Bass Player Magazine

The sounds that stir the dry winds of Southern Spain and Morocco, two countries separated by only a whisper of the Mediterranean, are the musical DNA of a beautifully complex extended family linking North Africa and Europe.

The musicians of Seffarine, soulful Moroccan singer Lamiae Naki and flamenco guitarist Nat Hulskamp, supported by master musicians of diverse cultures, embrace and extend this rich legacy. Their exciting performances masterfully combine explosive flamenco footwork, exotic instrumentation and grooving basslines. These diverse backgrounds meld, creating what SoundRoots describes as "an ear-caressing blend of sounds from Spain and North Africa, spiced with a bit of fiery instrumentation and percussion."

"Seffarine's music can melt the coldest hearts"              -Chicago Reader

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"De Fez a Jerez" features songs recorded in Jerez, Spain with living legends of flamenco, including Diego del Morao, Tomasa La Macanita and Luis de Perikín.




Seffarine logo white vector.png
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