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Presenter Reviews


"You know it's a good show when you can hear audible gasps in the crowd. Seffarine creates an intoxicating experience, a cultural journey of rhythm and beauty."

     -Krys Holmes, Executive Director, The Myrna Loy Center for the Performing Arts, Helena, MT

“After being a fan for several years, we were thrilled to present Seffarine during our Inaugural Season at the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts. The performance was transcendent, and international in scope, expertly synthesizing a program of Flamenco, Persian, and Arabic music (and dance), among others. We had a sold out house of patrons who were delighted, entertained and enlightened by the musicianship. I highly recommend presenting Seffarine!”

     -Chris Ayzoukian, Executive Director, The Patricia Reser Center for the Arts, Beaverton, OR


“Seffarine was one of our most well received shows of the year!  Our outreach was a mix of 4th graders, a Catholic private school, senior citizens and Veterans and they had all those age groups completely 100% engaged!  Seffarines’ show for our community was one of a kind.  One minute our breath would be taken away by the intricate, soulful music and haunting vocals, and the next we were clapping along with enthusiasm inspired by the groups energic songs or mesmerized by the Flamenco dancing.  The whole group is highly professional, flexible yet very kind and personable.  I highly recommend this show for any community!”     


     -Kim Krueger, Artistic Director, Whitefish Theatre Company, Whitefish, MT


"Seffarine is that rare group of musical artists that takes an audience on a unforgettable journey equally enjoyed by connaisseurs and first time attendees of Moroccan, Arab world and Spanish derived music. Their talent, creativity and charm are irresistible - it was a beautiful one of a kind evening for all."

    - Michael Reed  Senior Director of Programs, ASU Gammage, Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ

"The Global Spice World Music Series at Western Washington University presents music that blends western and non-western musical traditions and explores the fusion of world music with contemporary, classical, jazz, and popular music styles. As a relatively new concert series, we have been steadily building our audience and reputation in the community and region. Presenting Seffarine was a tipping point for our series. Their performance drew our largest and most enthusiastic audience to date and I have received many positive comments from students, faculty colleagues and community members who reached out to thank me for bringing Seffarine to Bellingham.

Their music is exciting and beautiful with deep roots in the traditions of Flamenco and Arabic music and their professional performance and stage presence showed their skills as performing artists who understand how to connect and communicate with an audience."

     -Patrick Roulette, Director, WWU Global Spice Concert Series, Bellingham, WA


“Seffarine is the real deal; they are truly professional and beyond talented. Each musician in the ensemble brings something unique and beautiful, from a lilting vocalist to enchanting instruments to a flamenco dancer and percussionist, they held my audience captivated both at the engagement activity (which drew three times as many people as I anticipated!) and at their concert. I have heard lots of positive feedback in the two days since the show asking to bring them back. On top of all of that, they are a joy to work with; everyone is pleasant, patient, and kind. A presenter’s dream."


     -Stephanie Wenning, Executive Director, Del Norte Association for Cultural Awareness (DNACA)


"Seffarine opened the World Concert at Lake Tahoe with sensational and beautiful music and dance. The audience was energized from the first song with Persian music and a flamenco dancer that brought joyful cheers from people of all ages. It was a pleasure to work with Nat, from the first planning steps to their performances on the stage and on the nature trail. Seffarine’s traditional music expanded our audience’s knowledge of culture and history while celebrating community and unity through world music.  Months later many audience members are still talking about their powerful performances that touched people’s heart and soul."

     - Nancy Tieken Lopez, Artistic Director, Trails & Vistas, World Concert at Lake Tahoe

“Seffarine performed their concert program “From Fez to Jerez” to a very enthusiastic and welcoming audience. The program consisted of original compositions, mixed with traditional Arabic and Flamenco arrangements. The performance was described as “Flamenco meets Moroccan and Persian Music”, and Seffarine definitely delivers and doesn’t disappoint. Lamiae and Nat expertly guided the audience through the program, different languages, and explained the background and origins of the arrangements. Lamiae’s powerful, smooth and silky vocals were perfectly suited to the upbeat tunes and slow ballads (not to mention multiple languages!). She was well matched with the equally talented Nat Hulskamp on guitar and oud, and master cajon player, Diego Alvarez, among others in the band. Each musician was a virtuoso and had their chance to shine during the performance. Included in this program was flamenco dancer and percussionist, Manuel Gutierrez, who delivered expert and energetic flamenco dance to accompany the ensemble, and it was icing on the cake! We received terrific feedback from our audience members and they warmly cheered Seffarine at the close of the performance, still wanting more. The evening reminded me of my travels to Morocco and made me long for another trip… it was a very special evening indeed.”

     -Rick F. Christophersen, Director, Center for the Arts at El Camino College, Torrance, CA

Seffarine crosses boundaries, bringing the soothing and exciting music of the Middle-East to audiences in rural America, opening their ears and hearts to this ancient music. Then add the fascinating Flamenco dance steps of Manuel, whose control of the art form made everyone stand up in their seats.  WOW!  In their student workshops, Seffarine masterfully captured the curiosity of the students, informing them of the progression of this music from across the Middle East and through the Ottoman empire to describe how it survives today. Hands went up as student questions ranged from the origin of the instruments to the history of their band.  Kudos to Seffarine!

    -Jenny Rohrer, Program Director, 2 Valleys Stage, Seeley Lake, MT


"Seffarine was a pleasure to work with. Their music was expertly performed and our audience thoroughly enjoyed the experience!"

  - Chris Ashcraft, Executive Director, Community Performance and Art Center, Green Valley, AZ


"The members of Seffarine were wonderful guests at the Hutton Honors College. In particular, the two leads provided wonderful teaching and introduction to the styles of music they perform. They did vital teaching about the instruments they play and the background and education through which they have arrived at this moment of their performance and excellence. Among the students in attendance, was a young Latina woman who dances in traditional Mexican dance genres. She and Manuel, the percussionist and Flamenco dancer, had a warm conversation about the dance genres in which they participate. The musicians/educators were accessible and non-condescending. They shared their enthusiasm and love of the music they play and the instruments that serve them."

    -Zilia C. Balkansky-Sellés, Hutton Honors College at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN


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