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Community Outreach and Residencies

Seffarine's members each have backgrounds in education and one of our favorite activities on tour is sharing our backgrounds and instruments with local communities. Seffarine offers highly interactive programs for all ages. Participants have the chance to try new instruments from around the world, learn about the diverse cultures and languages represented in the group, and even learn flamenco dance from a master flamenco dancer from Spain! (see video below)

Seffarine has offered their outreach programs at universities, libraries and elementary schools. If you are a presenter looking for diversity and community engagement, contact us at about our programs. We look forward to working with you!


Crescent City, CA


Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA

Bandon, OR


Fort Peck Reservation, Montana


"The members of Seffarine were wonderful guests at the Hutton Honors College. In particular, the two leads provided wonderful teaching and introduction to the styles of music they perform. They did vital teaching about the instruments they play and the background and education through which they have arrived at this moment of their performance and excellence. Among the students in attendance, was a young Latina woman who dances in traditional Mexican dance genres. She and Manuel, the percussionist and Flamenco dancer, had a warm conversation about the dance genres in which they participate. The musicians/educators were accessible and non-condescending. They shared their enthusiasm and love of the music they play and the instruments that serve them."

    -Zilia C. Balkansky-Sellés, Hutton Honors College, Indiana University  


“Seffarine is the real deal; they are truly professional and beyond talented. Each musician in the ensemble brings something unique and beautiful, from a lilting vocalist to enchanting instruments to a flamenco dancer and percussionist, they held my audience captivated both at the engagement activity (which drew three times as many people as I anticipated!) and at their concert. I have heard lots of positive feedback in the two days since the show asking to bring them back. On top of all of that, they are a joy to work with; everyone is pleasant, patient, and kind. A presenter’s dream."         

    -Stephanie Wenning, Executive Director, Del Norte Association for Cultural Awareness (DNACA)

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